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Unfortunately, the forums are officially closed to new registrations. We have no idea if there are any plans to change this, as it's been inactive for well over a year anyhow.



Forum rules

Welcome to the Sausage MLP Forums! It would be greatly appreciated if you would please read through the rules before you start posting.

1. Make your first post ASAP.
If you're a new member and you have no posts, make your first post as soon as you can. Preferably in "Ponyville Gates", since that's where you'd introduce yourself. A lot of spambots join the forum every week, and they usually don't make any posts. Even when they do post, it's easy to tell if they are a spambot and they get deleted instantly. Every once in a while, all of the accounts that have made no posts will be cleared. So, be sure to make a post after you register, or else your account will probably be deleted.

2. Don't troll.
Don't put down the other members by making snide or sarcastic remarks. Respect others and don't go out of your way to do something like posting a bunch of topics about how you don't like this user, or this forum. Of course, if you're signing up just for the purpose of trolling you'll probably ignore these rules anyway and start wreaking havoc. Obviously we have a zero tolerance for trolling, so you can expect to receive a permanent ban if you do such a thing on purpose. And apologizing is not likely to work, as you will probably lie and troll us again as soon as you get unbanned.

3. Be respectful.
If somepony likes a certain thing and you don't, please do not make fun of them for it. Respect their opinions and move on. Don't attack the Non-Bronies for not liking MLP; they legitimately don't like it and you shouldn't try to force them to become a brony. Basically, deal with it. However, we probably won't stop you from making fun of Anti-Bronies (The ones who would actually attack bronies) if you want.

4. Watch your language.
This is a kid-friendly forum. If you're caught swearing, your post will be censored or deleted. Cutoff swears or swears partially replaced by asterisks will be censored too because pretty much everyone knows what you were going to say anyway. The only form of swearing we can allow is if it's in a fanfiction, and it can't be excessive. Excessive swears in a story looks unprofessional anyway. To put up a fanfiction with swears you have to upload it to an external site such as and link to it from here with a warning. Clopfics are strictly forbidden, because that's definitely not okay if a young child visited and saw that. Besides, there's no overt cloppers here as far as we know.

5. Don't reply to spambots.
Replying to spambots is pointless and just makes it take longer for the admin to clean everything up. No matter how funny your post is, it's not going to last long since your post will be deleted. Just ignore the spambot and report their post so that they can be taken care of as soon as possible.

6. Don't judge new users.
Give new users some time to settle in. Don't write them off as a jerk or an idiot, or you might risk becoming a jerk yourself. If they often spell words wrong and/or have imperfect English, maybe English wasn't their first language. Or maybe they legitimately can't spell that well. People usually seem smarter in person than they do in text. It's the personality that matters, not the grammar.

7. Try to communicate effectively.
Some users will get offended if you don't reply to their posts. Especially if they're greetings. That's the gist of it.

Follow these rules, and hopefully we can all be friends. :)