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The Race

A short story about my OC and a racing competition that may or may not get him into the Wonderbolts with his secret crush. (Who is it? You probably know already.)

“Take your mark . . .
    The bell for the race sounded, and 50 pegasi took off for the finish 200 meters away. Among them was Rehydration, who took 15th place.
    Briefly he thought of Rainbow Dash, and why she was just watching. Then he realized that she would automatically win.
    By now, 5 seconds into the race, he was in 7th place. Two more pegasi to pass.
    The Wonderbolts were watching, picking out their favorite racers, but the competition was for them to pick out the top four to add to the team. Points were awarded for finishing places—1st, 9 points; 2nd, 8 points; 8th and below, 0 points.
    Rehydration was racing in all the events (100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m), and so far he had won 15 points—3rd in 800m, and 1st in 400m. To pass the next person he had to get in 1st.
    He had lost some speed and was behind 9 racers. Turning his ‘jets’ on, he sped past seven racers who each gave him astonished looks, and found himself in 2nd place for the remaining 4 seconds before crossing the finish line.

THE STANDINGS (top four):
1.    Name Not Given Upon Request—25 pts. (9-7-9)
2.    Rehydration—22 pts. (6-9-7)
3.    Fluttershy—19 pts. (7-6-6)
4.    Name Withheld Upon Request—14 pts. (5-5-4)

    Two mysterious racers, Rehydration thought.
    An hour later, Rehydration was back on the track for the last race of the competition—the 100m.
    He was confident that he’d get a spot on the team.
    “Take your mark . . .”
    Rehydration sped up until he took 2nd place. Then—
    He slammed into the next pony’s body and was knocked back seven spots to 9th place.
    Crossing the finish line for the last time that day, the standings read:

    THE STANDINGS (top four):
1st: Name Not Given Upon Request: 9-7-9-7=32 pts.
2nd: Fluttershy: 7-6-6-5=24 pts.
3rd: Name Withheld Upon Request: 5-5-4-9=23 pts.
4th: Rehydration: 6-9-7-0=22 pts.

    He sighed with relief.
    Then the announcer asked for the top three finishers to stand on the podium.
    Oh boy, he thought.

"A regular Friday audience, 90 percent feminine and 100 percent well-bred, sat stoically yesterday through thirty minutes of the most cacophonous world premiere ever heard here - the first performance anywhere of a new Violin Concerto by Arnold Schoenberg. Yesterday's piece combines the best sound effects of a hen yard at feeding time, a brisk morning in Chinatown and practice hour at a busy music conservatory. The effect on the vast majority of hearers is that of a lecture on the fourth dimension delivered in Chinese." -An anonymous Philadelphia Record reviewer, on Schoenberg's Op. 36 Violin Concerto.

"I am delighted to add another unplayable work to the repertoire." -Arnold Schoenberg, on his Op. 36 Violin Concerto.



August 29, 2012 8:21:39 PM



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