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#1 January 5, 2014 1:58:43 AM

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(Pronounced ess-purr. Oh, and I'm not planning on making this a huge RPG.)
(Self-insert. I borrowed some ideas from some media. :3 Well, sort of. The idea of an esper comes from various places.)
In the Earth, about 30 years into the future, an artificial continent has been constructed for one purpose: research. Research on supernatural powers, to be exact. Science has made ways for humans to develop special powers, which have by now become commonplace. Each power is individual to one person. Of course, as these powers can be put to very, very bad use, all 8 continents have signed a pact to not use esper powers for, well, crime. So that's out of the way.
Now to get to the point. In a certain city in the artificial continent, one would find it's almost entirely devoted to schools. In this city, studies are everything.
Well, they are until the five strongest espers there revolt and leave the schools in smoking heaps of rubble. The remaining students that haven't run make it their duty to find out why.

Esper powers: Esper abilities rely on personal realities, and they can be whatever. (Read: Almost anything.) Control over lightning, teleportation, shields, et cetera.
Power Classes: Espers are ranked based on how strong their ability is, with Class S as the highest. (The 5 strongest espers.) An average esper will be ranked around C, with A, B, D, and X as least, next to least, above average, and almost S, respectively.

History (optional):

1. No powerplaying. That should be a given.
2. Respect the other users.
3. It's fine if nobody posts in a while, don't bump it if no one really has any ideas.

Name: Richard
Power: Space Fill - Can lengthen the distance or shorten it between an object and himself.
History: Stayed in the city not by choice, but to recover from a broken leg. Decided that the city was worth living for.
Rank: Class D

I just decided to make this on the spur of the moment; it's really okay if no one joins. :razz:
(Great, I can't say that without guilt-tripping anyone. >.<)

My browser history and I go way back. B)



January 5, 2014 1:58:43 AM



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