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#1 May 26, 2014 3:39:50 AM

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Emoticon RP

Just a fun little thing. Remember back in the day when sometimes we would act like the emoticons could talk? Well, here's a roleplay devoted to it. You can use any emoticon at any time, just try to keep a general continuity going. I'll start us off, as an example:

:yes: : Oh, what a lovely morning!
:S : *yawn*
;) : Good morning, Sweetie Belle! How are you today?
:S : I'm doing fine.
:duckface: : Why the long face, dear?
:S : I can't help it. It's the only face I can make.
:duckface: : ...
:duckface: : ...I see.
:yes: : Oh well, nothing I can do about that! Let's go and see what the world has in store for us today! *goes outside*

The next person will add on to this by acting out what the emoticons do next. Have fun! ;)

"Now wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and smile before we take off." - Paula Polestar, from EarthBound



May 26, 2014 3:39:50 AM



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