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Unfortunately, the forums are officially closed to new registrations. We have no idea if there are any plans to change this, as it's been inactive for well over a year anyhow.



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The XenoSaur Program

The XenoSaur Program is my own original thing, and is in the process of a massive overhaul, ATM.

At MLS Biologicals, it is our mission to research and advance upon genetics technology, and to do so, we have come up with the XenoSaur Program.
This program will allow us to study Genetically Engineered Organisms closely, and will also test human knowledge of balanced ecosystems and evolution.

Quoted from XenoSaur Program's TDF Designs Wiki Page.

Together, we'll take the hand of Science, and we shall guide her along the good path, away from governments and warmongering, away from quarrels and strife, and together, we'll show those idiots back at Aperture what real Science is!

Now let's start Science on the right path!

The XenoSaur Program is geared toward studying the behavior and survivability of our splices, and also toward humanitarian purposes, such as better search dogs, better guide animals, contemporary pets, and finding cures to disease, among other goals.*

Welp, I've said my peace, feel free to say what you like about it, and I hope you enjoy the material I* have to offer.

*The XenoSaur Program is a text-based Role-Playing Game forum with activities and discussion for all ages, the above text simply states the main themes of the site. This site is under the legal control of TheDarknessFears Designs, and is simply a not-for-profit, completely free place for folks to blow off some steam, and stretch those creativity muscles.

*At one point, there were quite a few folks that would stop by, but as of recently, it is pretty much Myself and four others left as a skeleton crew monitoring the place, and keeping it bot, hack, spam, bigot, and nutjob free. We do the best we can, but sometimes things slip through the cracks, but then, nobody's perfect.

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I support Winter!
My Site: XenoSaur Program
My Speculative Evolution Projects;
Terra Aliis
Planet Anarmanilaorasonesera a.k.a. Aios
(If I can learn how to, I might add the Flora and Fauna of these projects into ZT2)



July 28, 2014 9:46:16 PM



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